NEBOSH International General Certificate and NEBOSH National General Certificate – Are They The Same?

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health or NEBOSH aims to uplift the standards of practice in occupational health and safety industry. Hence, they came up with certificate-level qualifications that employers, employees and the entire industry can refer to. 


Benefits Of Getting NEBOSH Certificates


If you receive certificate-level qualifications from NEBOSH, you will be able to:

  • Revitalize as well as level up your daily risk management skills
  • Complete an important requirement for most sought-after positions
  • Enhance your qualifications for promotions and other excellent career opportunities
  • Apply the best practices at work as well as share their knowledge in order to benefit the organizations, industries and communities.


Organizations will also benefit from having NEBOSH-qualified employees. These include the following


  • Enhanced business reputation from high safety standards
  • Increased safety and reduced illness, injury, accidents and death in the workplace
  • ROI from increased employee performance and productivity
  • Minimized risk of legal issues and reputation or profit loss


According to NEBOSH, more than 35,000 individuals from different types of organizations and industries are taking their certificate courses each year. The 2 most in-demand courses in this track are the NEBOSH International General Certificate and NEBOSH National General Certificate.


NEBOSH National General Certificate Course – This course can equip students with a basic understanding of the different health and safety principles as well as the issues in the workplace. Managers, staff members, and supervisors can actually take up this course. Due to the fact that this certificate addresses local needs and practices, it is very relevant to employees of various organizations in the United Kingdom.


NEBOSH International General Certificate Course – This is more suitable for professionals who are currently working for multinational companies and organizations with operations and branches in other countries. This is actually a must for supervisors, managers and employees who want to have training and skills that are in line with the international health and safety standards. Most training providers offer this course in different languages to accommodate a wide range of nationalities.


The scope of legal requirements is the main difference between these 2 courses. The National Certificate is rooted in the established frameworks in the U.K. and makes use of up-to-date British health and safety management standards. On the other hand, the International Certificate has a greater focus on requirements applicable in the international context, aligned with the different guidelines that the International Labour Organization has provided.


Bear in mind that the NEBOSH International General Certificate and the NEBOSH National General Certificate can be obtained through classroom-based classes or via online classes. The courses are likewise designed to be modular so that learners can establish a training schedule that suits them well.


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